Farmer Bob

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Across From The Carnival
Fairgoers will be in for some history, with humor, at the 150th Moniteau County Fair when they see “Farmer Bob and Johnny the World’s Funniest Tractor.” Farmer Bob will have folks rolling in the streets with laughter when he starts up his 1949 John Deere MT. Johnny the Tractor always puts smiles on everyone’s faces with that familiar “put-put” sound. Some of Johnny’s features include a skunk that sprays water, a big sound system, all sorts of sirens, horns, bells and whistles and some really surprising remote controls. Johnny even blows up balloons which Farmer Bob twists into all sorts of creations.
Johnny the Tractor pulls a trailer loaded with vintage camping gear, old tools, utensils, fishing equipment, even a 1947 Whizzer motorbike.
Farmer Bob whose real name is Bob Hill, comes from Northeastern Iowa, where he and his family have farmed for 162 years on the same homestead. Bob has traveled in 41 states and Canada making folks laugh in the past 21 years.
When you are at the fair be sure to see “Farmer Bob and Johnny the World’s Funniest Tractor.” You will see a sight you will never forget.

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